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9 Amazing Clothing Websites Templates for Joomla

We make things easy for you – we’ve created a list of the 9 most beautiful clothing websites templates for Joomla! Take a look at these templates and decide which template suits you the most!

 If you run your own online clothing store or if you are selling fashion items online, you can’t allow having an outdated or dull online store. Your website needs to look modern, pretty, and simple. Your ecommerce site needs to speak style.


If you don’t want to hire an expensive web developer to create a website from scratch, we have another option for you – clothing website templates.

We’ve already created a list of the best clothing websites templates. Take a look at these templates available right now for Joomla:

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 1. IT The Store 5: This template can help you design the perfect website for your clothing store. It looks amazing and suits a clothing store that is serious about setting trends. This template comes with 6 trendy themes which are perfect for your online fashion store. The template integrates with Virtuemart components. Their typography options are incredible.

2. Fabia: This template integrates with a J2store shopping cart. It comes with great features and layouts and you will get different menu styles, 2 beautiful homepage layouts, and some cool animation effects. The template comes with some customer-friendly features such as image zooming capabilities, product comparisons, and a separate comments section.


3. Knapsack: This is probably one of the best clothing websites templates for fashion stores. It is simple with a clean and modern design. There is enough white space so your products enjoy more attention. If you want, you can set up a fashion blog to get more customers. There are 6 preset themes available.

4. Crafty: We highly recommend you to try this template as it is one of the best free fashion templates available. Just because it is free it doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality or functionality. You have some great features at your disposal, as well as, 2 layouts to choose from.

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  • 5. Ejuwal: This template is available in the ThemeForest marketplace. This is a simple template, it has a great functionality, and an amazing design. It is suitable for elegant and sophisticated fashion stores. It comes with the J2store shopping cart.

    6. Kids Fashion: This template is perfect for fashion websites that sell kidswear. It is powered by Virtuemart, has 17 module positions, a flexible and feature-rich customization panel, and menu styles. You can also take advantage of the beautiful blog sections and slide animations.

7. JSN Ferado: This website is perfect for all trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts. This template is not just stylish, but it is quirky, unique, and it definitely stands apart. It integrates with Virtuemart. You will enjoy the different menu styles and module, as well as, other color styling options. JSN Ferado comes in 3 versions – Free, Standard, and Unlimited.

8. Online Fashion: This is an ultra-chic clothing template that will help you set your store apart. It has a unique lazy load effect where photos don’t load until the visitor scrolls towards them. The template comes with a theme palette in 4 different colors.


9. JM Trendy: This is one of the best clothing websites templates from Joomla Monster. This template is perfect for large online fashion stores. It looks simple, neat, and chick, and suits any device perfectly. It comes integrated with popular DJ extensions, DJ Review extensions, and DJ Media tools. This is also one of the most popular templates to be powered by J2Store.

What do you think about these templates? Do you like any template in particular?